luni, 10 ianuarie 2011


I miss Medeea, having a relaxing cup of tea, not thinking about my next exam or my future, i miss taking pictures, walking in the park and spending hours talking and fooling around with friends. i miss not having a care in the world and being 17 again. i miss going to the gym because i had nothing else better to do. i miss looking at the street lights at night to see all the bugs that swirled around them...i miss having time to do something for myself, like write in a diary or read a book. i miss reading books. like novels i mean. i real a lot. nothing imaginary though. i miss my imagination and i miss drawing and painting on my window every spring and autumn. i miss playing with my dogs in the leaves, in autumn, in the snow, in winter. i miss talking to some random old person for no reason just to make a conversation. i miss hanging out with my love and walking in the cemetery at night. i miss eating pizza in the park with him and singing avril lavigne songs. you'd think i have time for this. you'd think it's not important. but it is. i don't make any time for the important suff...


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