miercuri, 12 ianuarie 2011

You are...

I didn't want to post anything before meeting with Bella this week. Best tea I've had this year, by the way!...I'm glad i finally got to see her, talk about boys and sex toys...I'm kidding, obviously. Well, not entirely.Anyhow, it made me feel like I've been given such a blessing .I realize that I might not have found the love of my life, I might have found it and lost it, I might not have the best siblings (except my mom, she's AWESOME!...and there are a few more exceptions to that rule), but what I HAVE found is a few good friends that I can count on. More than that, I have found a soul mate, a sister. I've found that one person that i can tell everything to, the one that will never let me down, the one that won't lie to me to make me feel better, because she'd rather help me solve the problem than let me avoid it. The one who always gives me a good advice, the one who can always make me laugh, the one who's never to tired to listen. The one who truly CARES. Well, the fact that she's slightly mental and just as chocoholic as I am might have played a key part in this friendship's story, but we'll discuss those in another "chapter" Right now, I'm just grateful to The Universe.for assigning me the BEST best friend there is.She asked people to describe her in one word this week.I know that I've already done my part there and I don't want to take back my word and replace it, but I just want you to know that the first word that comes to my mind when I think of you as a whole, not only as my best friend, is PURE. Because you keep your promises and respect your beliefs, because you treat everyone with kindness, because you fight for what you want and what you love. She might be one of the few innocent beings left in this dirty world(if we overlook the watching porn part, that is!). 

I just want to thank you for being you, Bella! Hope you realize how special you are to me ! :*

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